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Furisode Kimono Set (Yellow)

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Beautiful and beautiful
Joy of wearing Japanese beauty

For a special fabric with an elegant luster like silk
Scattered with beautiful Japanese patterns
Gracefully and brilliantly...


・You can wear it as it is and complete a gorgeous style that drags on.
・Authentic school can also make a ohashori and dress it up
・<Obi> Produce a pretty back with a vertical arrow knot
・<Lining> Beautiful color gradation on Yakake (lining)
-Easy-to-understand dressing instructions included


■ Product Details

SD, SDB, SD13, SDGr, DDS (SS / S / M / L), DDSB, DD (SS / S / M / L), DDB
Kimono, obi, underwear, hem guard, correction pad, waist cord (x2), dressing instructions