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DDH-09 Eyeholes Opened Type / Semi-White

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Not only at Akihabara !
Popular two heads will be on sale at all the VOLKS Stores!

You live too far away to visit Akihabara? We are sorry we have kept you waiting so long!
From Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 15 After Event, "DDH-08" and "DDH-09" which have been Doll Point Akihabara Limited Items will be released at the other VOLKS Stores!
Enjoy customizing it to your taste♪
Size: MDD Base Body / MDD Base Body III / MDD Base Body (DD-f3) / DDP Base Body (DD-f3) / DDS Base Body / DDS Base Body (DD-f3) / DD Base Body II / DD Base Body III / DD Base Body (DD-f3) / DDdy Base Body / DDdy Base Body III / DDdy Base Body (DD-f3)