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DDS Caster/Scathach-Skadi

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"Love or kill?"

From "Fate/Grand Order", the queen "Scathach-Skadi" who governs the Nordic strange zone appears in DDS!
Hirokazu Koyama's beautiful and delicate Outfit Design has been faithfully reproduced while matching the body balance of Dollfie Dream
Please pay attention to the expression that leaves youthfulness in the dignity and the elaborately made Included Additions

DDS Caster/Scathach-Skadi

■ Product Details

Sculpted by
Serika Misaki (ZOUKEI-MURA)
Outfit Production
VOLKS Doll Design Department
Animetic Eyes DD "Emilia 2nd Ver." original iris, metallic, 22mm
DD "Emilia" new original style, DD size
DD "Emilia" Original Head
DD Base Body (DD-f3) ・ M chest
Hand: DDⅡ-H-01-SW (normal hand) adopted
Skin Color
Doll, Wigs, hair ornament, hairpin, hooded cape, collar, collar Parts, jacket, dress, pleated skirt with pannier, shorts, Long boots