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Fizzy Lemonade Set / Mini

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The clear Material is cute ☆
Introducing a pop dress set.
Lemon emblems and clear appliqués are the key Points!
Have fun with matching ♪

■ Product introduction
Dollfie Blog
  • ・Introducing the new 2021 summer dresses "Fizzy Soda Set / Mini" & "Fizzy Lemonade Set / Mini" ♪

■ Product Details

MSD, MSDB, SDM, SDMB, SDC, SDCB, MDD (S / M / L), MDD Mochi-Ashi (S / M / L), DDP (S)
Hairpins, necklaces, tops, belts, skirts, leggings
MDD DC-H-19 (S Bust)
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