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Midnight Flower

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Focus on hot eyes! Dollfie World Cup 2020 Commemoration!

KAHO-designed "Midnight Flower" (Midnight Flower), which won the national competition runner-up work at the "SD/ Outfit Design Championship" of "Dollfie World Cup 2015 SD/ Outfit Design Championship-National Convention" held last time.

To celebrate Dollfie World Cup 2020, the popular dress is back!
The long-awaited mini size has also been released!

A flower pattern that emerges in black and blue that reminds me of "darkness".
Wearing a glittering dress, let's go to the world of the starry sky...


An original print is applied to the glittering fabric to bring it closer to the original atmosphere.

Size: SD, SD13, SDGr (movable leg), DDS (SS/S/M/L), DDSB, DD (SS/S/M/L), DDB

Includes: Headband, ribbon brooch, over dress, inner dress, under skirt, socks, Shoes

Model: SD13 SD-F-90 (PS White) Classic WIG:W-168-Biscuitgold (Medium hem curl)